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What Is The GumDrop TM ?
The GumDrop TM is a chewing gum collection device that allows a person to discard their chewing gum in a convenient and sanitary fashion.

How does The GumDrop TM work?
The GumDrop TM is a small dual-compartment polypropylene (plastic) container that sits on a table in a restaurant, or in a convenient area where people may need to discard their chewing gum. A light-weight wrapping paper is dispensed from one compartment to use for wrapping the chewed gum. The larger compartment collects the wrapped gum. No need for people to look at an ugly wrapped gum ball sitting on a table. When the table is cleared, the GumDropTM is easily emptied by simply inverting it into a garbage container.

The GumDrop Chewing Gum disposal Unit, a Solution to chewing gum scraping and disposal for your Resturant or Place of Business.
Is the GumDrop TM sanitary?
Yes. The gum disposal process is entirely sanitary for both the GumDrop TM user and your place of business. As the dispensing compartment runs out of paper, just add more. If the container needs cleaning, throw it in the dishwasher. It can't be easier.

Does the GumDrop TM come in different colors?
Yes. Results of market surveying will determine the most desired colors, currently expected to be white, cream, black, blue, green, and brown.

Why use the GumDrop TM ?
The question should be "why NOT use the GumDrop TM ". Could it be the cost? No. It is expected to cost extremely little to use - we're talking fractions of a penny per use! Compare that to current methods of chewed gum disposal:

  • Wrapping it in a sugar packet - cost of sugar packet
  • Wrapping it in a napkin - cost of napkin (paper or cloth)
  • Sticking it to a part of the restaurant (cleaning the plate, table, chair, etc.)
  • Manual scraping to achieve gum removal, and restore sanitary conditions.

All of the above cost money, not to mention waste time and energy. (In addition to the above methods there is also the dangerous swallowing of the gum!)

How can I try the GumDrop TM ?
The GumDrop TM is still in the late stages of development (market testing) and so it is not available in full production quantities at this time. However, if you are interested in trying the GumDrop TM in your place of business, click here to become a test participant.

What are the responsibilities of a test participant?
Submit your information under "Get a Sample" and you'll receive two GumDrop TM units and a supply of paper. Place the GumDrop TM containers in your place of business, and follow their progress. After a few weeks of use, come back to this website and click on the Survey button to complete a simple, short survey. You will be assigned a reference number that you will include on the survey at the time of completion.

What type of places do you want for test participants?
Any place where people would potentially need to dispose of their chewing gum is a place where The GumDrop TM can be of use . The primary targets are places such as restaurants, bars, diners, cafeterias, hotels/ motels, to name a few.

Is the GumDrop TM going to be inexpensive to use?
Absolutely. One of the main goals when designing the GumDrop TM was to make it inexpensive to both purchase and use. The total estimated cost per container per year (assuming a new container each year) is around one dollar.